fitted wardrobes

Sliding doors can provide the solution when there is limited space between the bed and wardrobe. Sliding door Wardrobes with Walnut interior, floating shelves & handles. Painted in Dulux Natural Taupe no.2 (water based eggshell)


As another gale sweeps through Bristol and our wheelie bin goes bouncing down the street, this photo from my archive really stood out. I love the warm colours, velvety curtains and fantastic metal work by a Bristol sculptor.

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This bespoke tool storage allowed me to travel into London FREE of congestion…parking…and low emission charges. The cost of travelling to London in my ageing van is approximately £150 (this does not include petrol!

Rainbows end

We have just returned from Cornwall after completing the last job in 2013. Only Henry managed not to be distracted by such stunning views.

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Christmas and Happy 2014 …

Shoe storage or display?
If you have beautiful shoes why hide them all away. You can enjoy them even if you are not wearing them!


Love Bristol. A discovery around every corner, take a different route home, drive a little slower and I always see something new that delights, amuses, puzzles or inspires. These ‘bike hinges’ did all of these.

Full of colour
We love turning our customers ideas into bespoke pieces. Whether subtle or bold, the finished furniture is unique and totally bespoke for them and their home.

Along with the colourful cloth panels, we made a popular ideas that works well, the “Bookcase Radiator Cover”. Providing storage and screening the radiator.

Fantastic Cornice
A wonderful selection of cornice. The wardrobes these are for will be featured on our new web site in the next few months.

Hand Painted Dresser
Four TV units in a row! It is a record? We have one more to make then its back to lovely wardrobes. Lots and Lots of them for a stunning house in Clifton.

Alexandra Dresserss
Having recently completed these two dressers (one that has drawers containing the hi fi equipment) We have now moved onto another large dresser with lights and glass shelves. Having assembled the upper part today we cannot wait to see it in the customers home. Photos to follow!