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Blue VerditerBlue Verditer by the Little Green Paint Co. Wardrobe by Cliftonwardrobes.

After countless wardrobes for customers over the last 5 years, a present to me in 2015, a wardrobe for myself.

A fond farewell to 2015 Hello 2016!


fitted wardrobes

Sliding doors can provide the solution when there is limited space between the bed and wardrobe. Sliding door Wardrobes with Walnut interior, floating shelves & handles. Painted in Dulux Natural Taupe no.2 (water based eggshell)

Do you like Purple?
Walnut and Purple doors for

Modern wardrobe

It is the attention to subtle detail that elevates a piece from the ordinary to something special and more integrated/complimentory to the room.

Oak sideboard

Quite often after finishing a wardrobe or dresser we are asked to build a bespoke fress standing piece. 2012 has been a great year and always feel privelidged to be invited to work in some fantastic homes.

If your looking for more storage, why not look under the staris? This pair of doors made a previously inacessable and crammed space easy to use and along with changing the 60’s metal banister transformed the hallway into a great entrance.

One of the largest wardrobes of the 2012, seven doors and was to be used for mostly storing an extensive range of ‘serious”camping and out door gear. Becuase of the weight on the shelves we added some extra bracing from the same timber we used on the handles.

Oak Mirror

Modern fitted wardrobes

Un Cluttered design

Birch Ply Draws

Made to measure storage